Oh yummy, yum, yum...a hot cup of cappuccino! This a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack treat, easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. Simply prepare a serving of espresso and froth milk or favorite milk substitute, oat milk is my favorite. Since I've yet to purchase an expensive espresso machine with a heavy-duty steamer, I use an electric hand whip purchased online.  I simply love the creamy texture of frothed milk with coffee. I heat the milk in a metal cup on the same burner where I brew my coffee See below). A 1/4 cup milk will froth up to almost a full cup. Pour the frothed milk into a large cup and add the pot of coffee (about 1/2 cup), streaming it down the inside rim of the cup as not to disturb the froth. Oh my, there's nothing more satisfying than this low-calorie-afternoon pick-me-up. Try it and let the D-M community know about your experience.


1/4 cup oat milk


Heat milk on burner with Mako pot
(when milk steams, it's ready)


Froth with electric whip


Pour milk into cup, add espresso