Tom's Goetta

"Tom’s version of my mother’s goetta recipe.  My father clamped a small meat grinder to the kitchen table.  I would feed the chunks of pork into the top and tamp it down with a wooden type mallet and watch what looked like worms coming out of the other end.  It was great fun and a sacred winter ritual involving my parents and I. Mom used mostly pinhead oatmeal, onions, pork and a bay leaf.  She’d put it in loaf pans and bake it until it became firm and the meat cooked. Tom feels adding the instant oats at the end firms it up faster than baking it. We ate it with syrup. He eats it with catsup.  He’ll make a vegetarian version for the girls omitting the pork and adding white beans."

6 c. water
2 ½ c. steel cut oatmeal
½ Tbsp salt
3 bay leaves

Cook until oatmeal thickens - @30-45 minutes.  Stir frequently

Add 2 lbs raw chopped lean pork (loin).  Cook until meat is done.
Add ½ c. vegetable oil
¾ tsp dry sage
½ tsp dry marjoram
¼ tsp dry savory
¼ tsp ginger
dash of cloves
1½ tsp cayenne sauce
½ Tbsp ground black pepper

Stir. Add 1 large chopped onion (about 2 cups) and enough rolled oats about 1 cups to thicken (instant oats are fine).  Cook until thick.