Chicken Broth UPDATE

chicken Soup

The chicken broth recipe (left) is an easy way to make a large pot of broth and will be deep in taste and texture. Current recommendation suggest that you skip washing your chicken and increase time to at least 2 hours or more. Another way simple way to extract a lighter broth from a chicken is to bake a whole fryer, use the breast meat for a meal, and then use the once-baked bones and meat as a base for broth. Purchase a large chicken and follow baking instructions. I like to stuff my chicken and bale like I would a Thanksgiving turkey. Check out the stuffed baked chicken recipe in the Delicious Memories cookbook. See below for preparation tips for once-baked chicken bone broth.

chicken broth

In a large pot cover all pieces and juices
from baked chicken with water,
bring to a boil and simmer for an hour or two


Cool pot. Separate broth from chicken


Separate bones from meat,
refrigerate or freeze for future use


Refrigerate broth overnight,
remove layer of fat from surface
before drinking or using in favorite recipe