Candied Violet Souffle

Kathleen and I have a favorite restaurant we frequent in Dallas. RISE makes the best souffles and we've enjoyed many that are so creative they rival anything in France. We were so entranced with RISE's violet souffle that we bought their cookbook and two jars of dried candied violets. This a challenging recipe but well worth the effort. After the souffle came out of the oven we could hardly wait the few minutes to let it cool before digging in. Kate, her Mom, brother and I devoured the souffle in about 15 minutes. Truly a Delicious Memory! Pictured here is our first attempt. We plan to try the recipe again with smaller individual servings. Kathleen will post pictures and thoughts on our next attempt. Be watching for our update.

For this recipe and many other delicious souffle ideas you can order Rise to the Occasion cookbook at


The hardest part of making this violet souffle is crushing the candied violet petals. First, we used a mortar and pestle to break up them into smaller pieces. Then we placed the crushed violets on a sheet of parchment, covered with another piece of parchment and then used a rolling pin to crush the violet petals into a fine sugar powder. We need to buy a small electric grinder to help us with this chore!