Goetta Hash

Way back, many years ago, when my children were young, our family enjoyed Goetta in hash form. Hashing Goetta came to be at the suggestion of my son, Joseph. He loves the crispy crust of the Goetta after frying and wanted me to "make the inside of the patty" crispy too. So from that time on (circa 1988) we enjoy Goetta hashed. The preparation time is a little longer but the delicious results are well worth the extra minutes. Below are a few photos to help you get the idea!


Fry Goetta over a high heat in a 1/8 to 1/4 inch of bacon drippings or olive oil (bacon drippings produce the crispiest crunches). Use a well seasoned cast iron skillet if you have one available. With a spatula work the Goetta constantly, breaking it up into small chunks. Do not leave unattended to prevent burning. Serve with eggs and toast. This is one of favorite delicious memories!