Great Uncles

Between my husband and I we count 25 great uncles, 12 for me, 13 for Steve. A great uncle is the brother or brother-in-law of a grandparent. Since we all have four grandparents the number of great uncles multiplies depending on the size your grandparents' families. Of my 12 great uncles all of them were Italian born. Four are Italian immigrants, three built lives in Australia and two died young. Of the 12 I am indebted to three who freely shared their life adventures with me. I will feature my Zio Fonso, Uncle Gusty and Uncle Mike in future posts.

My husband, Steve, has 13 great uncles and they are all American born. Steve's Belding-Case ancestors have deep roots in America being among early English colonists. Then Steve's Hellebusch-Rombach ancestors arrived pre-Civil War from Germany. Steve has a few extra as his great aunt Addie married three times. Of his great uncles he knew three, all Case family related, he has a few spotty memories. All the others lived far away or died before his birth.

All these great uncles are named below. If you would like more information on any of these greats please contact me at [email protected]. Also, please share any memories you may have of your great uncles.

Mattei & Liva Great Uncles ...

Brothers and brother-in-law of Pellegrino Mattei, my grandfather in Louisville:
Benvenuto Amadeo (1885, died shortly after birth)
Armido (1892-1971) CLICK HERE to read Mido's BIO
Pompilio Marsili (dates unknown) husband of sister Maria Ruccia

Brothers and in-laws of Amerisa Mattei Louisville grandmother
Constantino (1894-1980)
Ferdinando (1898-1978)
Ivo (1907-1979)
Deo (1908-1974)
Also, her brother-in-law, Armido (see above) is married to her sister Alice, so he is a double great uncle to me and my Louisville cousins.

Brothers of Ida Liva Mattei, Cincinnati grandma
Inncoente Liva (1895-1917) died in WWI
Alfonso Liva (1902-1972)

Brothers and in-laws of Giovanni Mattei Cincinnati grandfather
Michele (1892-1979)
Elio (1905-1938)
Victorio Cassai (1903-1974) husband of sister Argentina

Steve's Hellebusch, Rombach, Belding & Case Greats

Brothers and in-laws of George H., Covington grandpa
Frank (1866-1900)
Charels (1870-1903)
George Schepker (1858-1891) husband of step-sister, Mary
William Tabling (1862-1923) husband of older sister Theresa
Aunt Addies three husbands:
Robert Lyons (1875-1907)
Charels Braun (1878-1909)
Henry Ludcke (1870-1952)

Brother-in-law of Laura Rombach Hellebusch, Covington grandma
CHarles Welsh (1871-unknown)

Brother-in-laws of Frank Belding, Ludlow grandpa
Arthur Van Brocklin (1849-1942)
John King (1886-1964)

Brothers of Charlotte Case Belding, Ludlow grandma
John Case (1881-1952)
Stephen Case (1886-1964)
Theodore Case (1893-1966)