Uncle Bob and hundreds of ravioli for Christmas!

Holiday & Special Occasions

     The real joy of being Italian-flavored is experienced at the dining room table on holidays and special occasions. Everyone enjoys eating (and God knows there's always too much food!),
but it's not only the food but the time we spend together sharing stories that are  enjoy so much.

Please share your holiday menus, recipes and traditions.


(From original Delicious Memories Holiday & Special Occasion Recipes)

January 1st

  • Veal birds or chicken cacciatore
  • Polenta
  • Peas and mushrooms
  • Hot rolls
  • Cookies from Christmas
  • Coffee/expresso or cappuccino

Valentine’s Day February 14th

  • Lasagna
  • Caesar salad
  • Wine
  • Garlic bread
  • Fruit and nut bowl
  • Coffee/soft drinks

Easter at Uncle Dominic’s an Aunt Bernice’s House

  • Baked lamb stew with tomatoes and olives
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Slightly harsh red wine
  • Roasted leg of lamb
  • Potato torta
  • Tossed salad
  • Mellow aged red wine
  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate torta
  • Rice torta
  • Coffee with liqueur
  • Spumante (a sparkling wine)
  • Chicken broth with tiny pasta Rose’
  • Poached chicken
  • Italian dressing
  • Boiled carrots, onions and celery
  • Assorted pickled vegetables
  • White wine


  • Tortellini a brood
  • Sliced turkey breast
  • Asparagus
  • Italian relish tray with deviled eggs
  • Fresh fruit and nut bowl
  • Coffee and liqueurs
  • Easter candy

Fourth of July

  • Grilled Italian sausage
  • Italian bread and/or buns
  • Fruit salad and potato salad
  • Pepperoni puffs
  • Cheese and crackers
  • American snacks
  • Italian spiced apple pie
  • Wine/beer/soft drinks

Fall Corn Roast

  • Corn roasted in husk over large grill
  • Barbecue chicken or hot dogs with buns
  • Neighbors and family bring a dish or dessert to share
  • Beer/wine/soft drinks


  • Antipasto tray
  • Turkey with Italian dressing
  • Potato torta
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Peas and mushrooms
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Hot rolls
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Wine/ginger ale
  • Coffee

Christmas Eve

  • Italian cold cut platter
  • Italian bread
  • Italian relish tray
  • Fruit/nut bowl
  • Christmas cookies
  • Wine and Prosecco
  • Expresso and cappuccino

Christmas Day December 25th

  • Night cap or morning filler after church Eggnog
  • Sour cream cake or Raisin Nut Bread
  • Dinner (1 PM)
  • Antipasto with shrimp
  • Stuffed squash
  • Ravioli with meat sauce
  • Hot rolls
  • Steamed mushrooms
  • Italian Green beans
  • Caesar salad
  • Christmas cookies and Bourbon cake
  • Wine/Prosecco/Coffee/Liqueurs


Italian Cocktail Party

  • Antipasto tray
  • Chuck of fontina
  • Variety of cheeses with
  • Italian crackers and bread
  • Mini-meatballs in sauce
  • Pizza squares
  • Marinated mushrooms
  • Stuffed pumpkin flowers (in season)
  • Fruit and nut bowl
  • Assorted wines/beers/Mixed drinks
  • Assorted cookie tray
  • Coffee

Italian Barbecue

  • Barbecued chicken
  • Italian spiced potato salad
  • Sliced vine ripe tomatoes
  • Italian bread
  • Apple pie
  • Italian beef kabobs with veggies
  • Potato kabobs
  • Tossed salad
  • Garlic bread
  • Banana Cream pie
  • Coffee


  • Antipasto
  • Sliced Italian cold cut tray
  • Sliced Italian beef tray
  • Cheese tray with sliced provolone, mozzarella and American cheese
  • Chunk of fontina
  • Fresh fruit salad and fruit and nut bowls
  • Mostaccioli with meat sauce and min-meatballs served on the side
  • Bake lasagna casserole
  • Vegetable platter
  • Relish tray
  • Shrimp tray
  • Italian bread and butter
  • Chocolate torta
  • Long sheet cake (for special occasions)
  • Ice cream and cookies
  • Wine, beer soft drinks and coffee