Creating and caring for a small garden, whether vegetable, flowers or both, is easy and fun. If you need a little help and like direction, one of the best books to buy is Square Foot Garden. Easy, easy, easy!!! You'll have a garden up and growing in a weekend. If you'd like to just wing it, like me, head to the garden store, buy your favorite plants and flowers and go for it! I have posted photos of my garden I recently planted. I have also included my son's garden box and a picture of his strawberry patch. CLICK HERE to order Square Foot Garden on Amazon.

Square Foot Gardening

2020 Garden

Every season comes to an end. What starts out as beautifully organized ends up a little wild and crazy. 2020 has been a wonderful growing seasons, yielding delicious memories of moments and food, flowers and herbs.

final garden

(Above) White zucchini plants

(Left) Fall garden at season's end

flowers and francis

St. Francis & Buddha enjoying marigolds and daisies.


Pumpkin Patch: Yielded 4 pie pumpkins

Garden BYRD
white zucchini

I plant tomatoes, two varieties, Roma and Beef Steak. I planted only four this year, two of each. A few eggplant and green pepper plants. Most of the garden is reserved for white zucchini, green zucchini and pumpkins. I am just so sad to have to cull the white zucchini plants. This year I did plant the two I culled in Steve's Morning Glory tub (far right).

Cullied plants

Fairy Garden Overwhelmed with Flowers

final parsley

Final herb tubs

Fairy Graden

My granddaughter's Fairy Garden with flowers.


Italian Parsley, Curly Parsley & Basil

other herbs

Chives, Coriander, Kale, Radishes and Fennel
(just for fun)!

Lous box

My son, Lou's, raised garden box he made with his brother-in-law, Patrick, slightly over engineered!

Top is box start, right is box end of season

Lou's cucumber

Lou's Strawberry patch.
Beautiful, luscious berries!

Blueberry bush

A blueberry bush close to the Fairy Garden which grows beautiful berries that mostly are eaten by the birds.