Since 2015, MND '68 classmates have gathered to renew and build old friendships. We try to meet twice a year; sometimes at Deb's house and other times at Karen's place. We always have fun and many hardy laughs. This scrapbook page will serve as a reminder of those good times we met. Hopefully, we'll continue the tradition as we approach our 60th in 2028 and finally, if any of us are still kicking, our 75th reunion in 2043. GOSH! We'll only be 93 years old in 2043...there should some of us still hanging around!

Pictures will be displays from most recent to oldest.

Friend's Night at Deb's February 6, 2020                                                       Friend's Night  February, 2016

FN Feb 2015
FN Feb 2016

Below: Friends Night at Karen's River Condo August, 2015

FN August 2015

RIGHT: First Friend's Night at Deb's House, February, 2015