Recipes below from the Delicious Memories cookbook pages 50 to 51
Updated 5/1/2022 with pasta types and chart


Time to discuss the different pasta shapes. There are many, many and well over 300 shapes and sizes. I like the Wikipedia categories, CLICK HERE to view and read all about the various sizes.

There are six categories:
1. Long and medium length pastas
2. Short cut pastas
3. Stretched pastas
4. Soup pastas
5. Pastas with filling
6. Gnocchi & gnocchetti


In our family we make a small pillowy pasta we call tortellini BUT our shape resembles a small ravioli. Our family determines the type of stuffed pasta by the filling, not the shape. This is the beauty of any cooking; you can make up your own rules. This is such an American thing to do. This tortellini recipe that my mother developed is a little time intensive BUT it is so, so good.

stuffed pasta