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Family Passings

Our family-friend Marita passed away on January 5, 2021. In Delicious Memories, I describe Marita as high-spirited and nothing since that time has diminished my impression of meeting her for the first time in my early teens. Just imagine a 13-year-old girl living in the conservative German-flavored community of Reading OH meeting a Irish-flavored Jersey girl. Just imagine the shock of a tornado with a beautiful, sunny after glow! Again quoting from Delicious Memories..."(Marita) was 27, very youthful...she was very friendly, and had a warm, bubbly personality. She was very much like my other aunts, Janet and Mary Jane, who had personalities in great contrast to a born Mattei." I hope our memories of Marita will always be shared in our family through the coming generations. May Marita Rest in Peace. Please share your memories and photos of Marita to share here as we celebrate her life. Below are just a few of my favorite historical photos of Marita. I will add others when I return to Glencoe this summer.

To-ta Loo

Top: Marita's Senior HS photo.
Middle: Recent Smiling Marita & Wedding Photo & Announcement
Far Right: Vic & Marita leaving Church on their Wedding Day



Our family-friend Joan passed away on July 13, 2020. My first memories of Joan are watching her paint the mural on the walls of the original Casa Grisanti, way back in 1959. Nine years old at the time, my parents stopped by to visit at the old closed G.M.G. Art and Novelty Co. (owned by Albert & Ferd Grisanti with my Aunt Dornia). I have a vivid memory of this visit because Joan was busy painting a beautiful series of scenes depicting the rolling hills of Gromignana Italy where the Grisanti and Mattei families found their roots.

After the restaurant opened, on visits to Louisville, my Grandmother would reserve the private dining room and she would gather her immediate family for a wonderful evening of fun and food. Either when I arrived or before I left, I would walk the walls and follow the paths Joan had some brilliantly illustrated. A talent she obviously used throughout her life for the benefit of others.

I have posted two photos below, one of Joan and Ferd, at a family wedding in 1990. This is the way I will always remember Joan with a smile with Ferdie, as I called him. The second picture is a holiday greeting our family received Christmas, 1965. I recall at the time thinking how creative! This is at a time when this was a very usual greeting to receive. The photo is taken in their living room in Fern Creek, where I have a lot of delicious memories. I just love the photo and obviously it's a greeting idea many families would emulate over the years.


Joan & Ferd

Joan & Ferd Grisanti

April 28, 1990
Julia & Steve's Wedding
Chicago, IL

Grisanti Family 1966


Grisanti Holiday Greeting
Christams, 1965

Vincent - Front King
Paul - Back King
Gemma - Mary
Chris - Joseph
Dominic - Angel
Jerome - Shepard
Greg - Infant