ANN WRITES .. if you like bread and butter pickles, here is a RECIPE (click to view) I tried this weekend,  it is a same day pickle that is a spicy bread and butter, the recipe makes a quart and you store it in the fridge.  (I had enough for two jars).  No need to vacuum seal.  My tweaks: I didn’t have ginger, but did use all the other spices- and once the brine came to boil and I added the pickle chips and onion slices, I only simmered for 2-3 minutes Which meant the chips have retained a crunchy texture, even a few days later.


My son just happen to give me a large cucumber from his garden right after receiving Ann's email.  While not a big bread and butter pickle fan, I did especially like the spice combination in this recipe so I eliminated the sugar and made the recipe buy simply combining all the ingredients in a large pan, adding sliced cucumbers and boiling for a about three minutes. After the mixture cooled I added a pack of Stevia to blunt the bite. I refrigerated overnight and I have really enjoyed the results. I'm amazed at my son's small box garden. In a few short months he has grown some delicious memories.

See below...

Lous box

Lou's box garden start June, 2020

Lou's cucumber

August, 2020

My pickles

Pickles made from Lou's cucumber. EASY!