WWI Heroes of Gromignana

This scrapbook will display photos and memories of family who fought in WWI. Please share any memories you have from your family concerning their war experiences. 

WWI Gromignana soldiers
Information on Photo of Heroes Dead and Living, WWI from Gromignana

              By Loretta, wife of John, Melbourne, Australia

Middle Photo – King Victor Emmanuel III

Believe man on right of King is Luigi Cadorna Leader of the Army

Man bottom left Benito Mussolini

The other two I do not recognize.

The middle circle of 13 names are of the men who died during the war:
The names to the left and right are those who served but returned to Gromignana.


Top line left to right (5):

Casani Luigi - b. 23-Jun-1895 d. 14-Nov-1918
(23 years old single)

Son of Silvio Casani and Maria Mattei
He went to America and became a USA citizen so when war commenced, he enlisted. 9th Infantry, 2nd Division.
Buried: Meuse-Angonne American Cemetery, Plot D, Row 27, Grave 39, Romagne France.

Mattei Giovanni - b. 28-Aug-1889 d. 4-Oct-1918
(29 years, husband of Massamilla Mattei)

Son of Stefano Mattei and Sabbatina Mattei
He was a soldier Lucca District, 89th Infantry Regiment
He was the father of Ledo Mattei

Grisanti Ezio b. 6-Apr-1891 d. 6-Dec-1917  (26 years, single)

Son Pasuale Grisanti and Marianna Angeli
Died from a bullet wound in Albania

Moscardini Diomede - b. 14-Jun-1891 d.19-Mar-1918
(26 years, single)

Son of Pietro Moscardini and Natalina Angeli
Died on the Italian Front by a bullet.

Moscardini Amerigo - b. 8-Mar-1890 d. 22-Sep-1917
(27 years, husband of Cesira Notini)

Son of Pietro Moscardini and Natalina Angeli
Died in Gromignana from wounds inflicted during war.

2nd Line Left (2)

Marchetti Giuseppe - b. 21-Dec-1889 d. 3-Jun-1917
(27 years, husband of Benedetta Angeli)

Son of Luigi Marchetti (mother unknown)

Marsili Vittorio - b. 7-Jan-1898 d.17-Jan-1918
(20 years, single)

Son of David Marsili and Diacinta Grisanti

3rd Line Left (2)

Simoni Felice - b. 7-Apr-1885 died during war – body not recovered – (disperso). (19 years, single)

Son of Felice Simoni and Rosa Gonnella

Grisanti Ginese - b. 4-Mar-1885 d. 3-Oct-1918  (33 years)

Son of Leopoldo Grisanti and Maria Pierotti

2nd Line Right (2)

Pellegrini Rolando - b.19-Dec-1898 d. 19-May-1917
(18 years, single)

Died from illness contracted during the war.
Son of Fedele Pellegrini and Graziosa Serefini

Santi Salvatore - b. 9-3-1889 d. 23-Dec-1918 (29 years)

Son of Nicodemo Santi and Palmira Togneri

3rd Line Right (2)

Angeli Giocondo - b. 26-Apr-1891 d. 24-May-1915
(24 years, single) - SEE PHOTO RIGHT

Died in Libya
Son of Domenico Angeli and Eugenia Mattei

Togneri Mario - b. 9-May-1897 d. 29-Jun-1917
(20 years, single)

Son of Alessandro Togneri and Letizia Alsai


Names of soldiers who returned to Gromignana

 Left Side – starting left to right and then down...

Angeli Amato - b. 25-Feb-1891 d. 3-Jul-1971
(we know he was wounded during the war, but recovered)

Son of Eugenio Angeli and Giovanna Mattei.  Husband of Angela Grisanti
(John’s maternal grandfather)

Casani Egidio - No information

Casani Antonio - No information

Casani Ettore - b. 31-Jul-1899 d. 19-Sep-1926
(single, died from wounds inflicted during WW1)

Son of Silvio Casani and Maria Mattei

Gonnella Antonio - No Information

Gonella Amerigo - b. 3-Apr-1895 d. 6-Feb-1980
(Husband of Palmira Gonnella)

Gonnella Francesco - No information

Mattei Francesco - b. 26-Jun-1893 d. 25-Jan-1960
(Husband of Massilla Mattei)

Son of Paolo Mattei and Ottavia Marsili
(John’s paternal grandfather)

Mattei Giovanni - b. 20-Nov-1896 d. 5-Apr-1950
(Husband of Ida Liva)

Son of Italo Mattei and Diomira Marsili
(MY paternal grandfather)

Mattei Michele - b. 25-Jun-1892 d. 5-May-1979
(Husband of Marina Mattei)

Son of Italo Mattei and Diomira Marsili
(MY paternal greatuncle)

Mattei Ugo - b. 28-Feb-1897 d. 25-Oct-1988
(Husband of Antionetta Giannotti)

Son of Raffello Mattei and Claudina Angeli 

Mazzotti Leonello - b. 17-Jul-1898 d.13-Jan-1987

Son of Gregorio Mazzotti and Caterina Giovanetti

Simoni Settimo - No information

Tognieri Egidio - b. 23-Dec-1898 d. unknown

Son of Paolino Tognieri and Ermida Giovanetti

 Middle Photo

 Marsili Romeo - No information

 Right side – left to right and then down...

Canal Paris - b. 1895 d. 8-Oct-1969
(Husband of Irene Donati)

Son of Gio Battista Canal and Silvia Mattei

Carli Ettore - b. 24-Jun-1896 d. 22-Feb-1975
(Husband of Emma Angeli)

Ettore fought in both wars – WWI and WWII

Giovanetti Sirio - 13-Nov-1897 d. 1959

Son of Cherubino Giovanetti and Cherubina Tognieri

Giovanetti Domenico - b. 12-Dec-1890 d. unknown

Son of Cherubino and Cherubina Tognieri

Lucchesi Luigi - No information

Moscardini Filippo - b.1897 d.1981
(Husband of Albertina Mattei)  

Son of Angelo Moscardini and Pasqua Mattei

 Moscardini Armeno - b. 7-Feb-1893 d. 19-Dec-1957
(Husband of Cesira Notini)

Son ofPietro Moscardini and Natalina Angeli.

Mattei Umberto -b. 12-Mar-1896 d. 21-Jul-1964 (Australia)
(Husband of Nella Morelli)

Son of Paolo Mattei and Ottavia Marsili.

Mattei Domenico - b. 5-Jan-1890 d. 2-Mar-1925
(Husband of Ida Grisanti)

Son of Archimede Mattei and Adina Grisanti.

Domenico came to Melbourne Australia and was returning to Italy as Ida did not want to come to Australia.  He apparently jumped from the rear of the ship as it was pulling out of the Port, his body was torn to shreds by the propellers.

Mattei Armido - b.14-Sep-1892 d. 23-Nov-1971
(Armido is my paternal great uncle and his wife, Alice Mattei, is my maternal great aunt)

Son of Giovacchino Mattei and Adelasia Grisanti.  Living in America at the outbreak of the war her served in the U.S. Navy. He became an American citizen but eventually retired to Gromignana to live with Aunt Alice.

Marsili Aristademo - b. 24-Aug-1880 d. 30-Apr-1962

Son of Luigi Marsili and Maria Grisanti.  Husand of Semira Pierotti

Tognieri Umberto - No Information

Tognieri Giovanni - No Information

Tognieri Pompeo - b.16-Jan-1892 d. 24-Dec-1978
(Husband of Elisa Santi)

Son of Alessandro Togieri and Letizia Alsai.


When I enlarged the photo of Luigi I just felt such a sadness that he had to die so young. He had a promising future. What must he have been thinking as he laid dying for a country that promised so much and then took everything.  

LC wounded March, 1918

Luigi departed on March 16, 1918 from Hoboken, NJ, never to return.
(see below for a few more Luigi documents)


Loretta, who so generously created the information on the Gromignana war heroes (left), is married to John, a cousin to the Mattei, Grisanti and other Italian families who immigrated to America. In 2013 I met Loretta via the internet. Researching her and John's family history Loretta found the Grisanti and Mattei families. We have been in contact ever since sharing information and enjoying occasional Facetime chats on our research. Loretta published a wonderful history of her and John's family called With Only Courage in Their Suitcases, which includes family trees of their extended family which many of us are a part. The book is well researched and a very interesting read for any family member who enjoys learning about our history. My ability to create an extensive Ancestry.com account is due in part to Loretta's Gromignana Italy research.
I am deeply indebted to Loretta for her willingness to share her data.
Coreglia War Memorial 1

 War Memorial - on the wall of Comune in Coreglia
Photo compliments of Loretta Mattei

Coreglia War Memorial 2
Angeli Giocondo

Angeli Giocando
in Carabiniere Uniform
Photo compliments of Loretta Mattei


CLICK HERE to view history of Carabiniere (Wikipedia)



Luigi's draft card above

LC died of wounds

Wounded in action and later died of wounds. Last name in row 1.


Photo above is Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
Click link below to visit the website. Luigi's final resting place.