2022 DM Fast Challenge

Day 35 to 40

Count down ... FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE...EASTER!

Fifth Sunday in Lent - April 10, 2022

Palm Sunday

Day 34 - April 9, 2022

There is a one minute mediation I use sometime in the morning to start the day. It is quick and powerful. It is from Ten Percent Happier. The title is BEGINNING THE DAY by Oren Jay Sofer. As we enter the last week of Lent let's pause, pray and fast for world peace.

"Taking the time in the morning to quiet your mind and get clear about your intentions, can have a powerful effect on the trajectory of your day. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes (pause a few seconds). Take a few deep breaths, and as you exhale see if you can give all your attention to the sensations of the air leaving your body (pause a few seconds). When you are ready let your breathing return to normal. Now, set a clear intention for the day. HOW DO YOU WANT TO USE YOUR TIME? HOW DO YOU WANT TO LIVE? (pause and set your intention). When you are ready open your eyes."


Day 33 - April 8, 2022

I am always fascinated with perspective. This poster interestingly changes my idea about choices.


Day 32 - April 7, 2022

Recalling a wonderful day...
Waking at 7:00 is a delight as I am finally adjusting to the time. Surprising how long everything takes as your body ages. In my younger years the transition felt easier. For the first thing this morning I thought how sad I will be when the time come to leave. I just need to enjoy the moments as they unfold. The reason for the earlier thought is that I find that I am now in a lovely routine. I wake early, enjoy a cup of hot tea and I begin a little light research. This morning I am reading about chestnut harvesting. My daily phone calls to my father have been much improved since I have been in Gromignana. When we talk in the evening our conversations are about his memories of this place which replaces his daily preoccupation with eating, pooping and sleeping.

The morning photo is from the balcony of the B&B (below). The weather appears to be improving. Yet now, at 7:00 in the evening it is pouring rain. Again I did very little today by the standards of a typical tourist in Italy. After breakfast I had an appointment to visit the Museum of Plaster Figurines and Emigration. I spend most of my time there today reading and photographing almost everything. The plaster figurine business is central to my family history, as it is to many, many Italians from Gromignana and surrounding areas. There is so much I could write about on this subject. As I did yesterday, I will write a short summary of the day and then elaborate.

This is the day I decided to write a short history of the Gromignana Image Makers!

AM 11-16 (002)


Nonna (002)

Title: NONNA
Museo di Figurinea - Coreglia Italy


Great grandma - Armida Grisanti Mattei
Photo courtesy of cousin BarbaraGS

Day 31 - April 6, 2022

A few years ago my daughter and her husband walked the Camino in Spain. My daughter thought that this experience would somehow reveal God's plan for her life. What it actually provided was an insight that is serving her well as she continues to live her life. I have also benefited from her insight. As she tells it, God gave her the insight that life, no matter where you live it or what you choose to do, is the same day in and day out. Kind of like Sisyphus. Every morning you wake up and push the rock up the hill, then the day subsides and you rest. Apparently the trick to living a good life, day to day, is to stop at the mountain top (on the daily push) and look around at the beauty around you. Then at the end of the day to fully enjoy the rest at the bottom before you have to push again. There will come a day when there is no longer an up or down. Enjoy each day as it comes and goes.


Day 30 - April 5, 2022

Luckily my fast went well during my travels, except for a Saturday celebrating my brother-in-laws 80th birthday. The fasting aside, my visit with my siblings, a few cousins and my husband's family got me to thinking about sibling differences. As the occasions evolved I started to notice how siblings who grew up in the same family with the same parents have turned out so different. My three kids are also all so different.

A case in point is my husband and his brother. They are seven years apart in age and while they have similar appearances they are so very, very different in almost every way. I have always wondered a little about this and as I have been researching family I have also noticed great personality divides among siblings in my ancestorial family. I wonder how some ancestorial siblings could be so different even though they had the same parents and also, in many cases, the same professions (often working side by side for their entire lives).

After a bit of digging around I finally found an eight minute NPR podcast from 2010 that is revealing. If you would like to listen just CLICK HERE.

I love my siblings and enjoy our times together but I am glad I no longer live with any of them. I am sure they feel the same!

Day 22 - Day 29
March 26 - April 3, 2022 I am traveling and will send a quick email each day.
More thoughts to follow for the last ten days of Lent.

Day 21 - March 25, 2022

Here’s Why Some People Say They Hear Dead People

Many people claim they hear or sense the dead. From Celine Dion to Kesha to spiritualist mediums and even regular people – it’s actually a lot more common than you might think.

But new research may give us an insight into why some people say they can sense the departed.

The study, which included 65 mediums from the Spiritualists' National Union and 145 people from the general public, found that spiritualist mediums are more prone to immersive mental activities, such as imaginative activities or experiencing altered states of consciousness, and frequently they have unusual auditory experiences, especially earlier in life.

'Our findings say a lot about 'learning and yearning'. For our participants, the tenets of Spiritualism seem to make sense of both extraordinary childhood experiences as well as the frequent auditory phenomena they experience as practicing mediums,' said lead researcher Adam Powell.

Mediums who 'hear' spirits are said to be experiencing clairaudient communications, rather than clairvoyant ("seeing") or clairsentient ("feeling" or "sensing") communications.

'But all of those experiences may result more from having certain tendencies or early abilities than from simply believing in the possibility of contacting the dead if one tries hard enough,' added Powell.

Many who sense spirits or hear voices turn to spiritualist beliefs –the idea that human souls continue to exist after death and communicate with the living through a medium or psychic – to explain the meaning or significance of their unique experiences.

The study, which was published in the journal Mental Health, Religion and Culture, looked at the way that mediums experience spirit “voices”, and also compared levels of absorption, hallucination-proneness, aspects of identity, and belief in the paranormal.

Results showed that high levels of absorption and susceptibility to this auditory phenomena were linked to more frequent clairaudient communications.

Further, almost 80% of the spiritualist mediums said auditory spiritual communication was part of their everyday lives and about half of the spiritualist participants said they heard the voices of the deceased on a daily basis, with more than 30% reporting an experience of clairaudience – hearing spirits – within the last day.

According to the study, most mediums (65%) heard the dead inside their head, but about 30% said they heard voice both inside and outside their head. And the average age of onset for clairaudient experiences was between the ages of 21 and 22.

Unsurprisingly when rated on scales of absorption and how strongly they believe in the paranormal, spiritualists scored much higher than members of the general population. Spiritualists were also less likely to care about what others thought of them than people generally, and they were also more predisposed to unusual hallucination-like auditory experiences.

Although when looking at the general population, absorption was linked to how much someone believed in the paranormal, but there wasn’t a significant link between belief and hallucination-proneness.

Furthermore, the researchers noted that there was no difference in levels of superstitious belief or proneness to visual hallucinations between spiritualist and non-spiritualist participants.

However, other research has said that sensing the dead may actually be a response to grief. According to one study, between 30 and 60% of elderly widowed people experience so-called bereavement hallucinations.

Another study of elderly widows and widowers in Wales found that more than a third continued to feel the presence of loved ones, while 13% had heard their dead loved one’s voice, 14% had seen them and 3% had felt their touch. And a Japanese study found that 90% of widows felt the presence of their dead spouse.

According to experts and research, the experience is helpful for the bereaved. As Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Trinity College Dublin Simon McCarthy-Jones writes in The Conversation: “the experiences can provide spiritual and emotional strength and comfort, reduce feelings of isolation and give people encouragement during difficult tasks.”

But it’s worth noting that regardless of the numerous theories out there scientists still don’t know exactly what’s happening when someone hallucinates or sense the dead.

'To date,” wrote Daniel Collerton in The Neuroscience of Visual Hallucinations, 'no study specifically explores the neurofunctional correlates of visual hallucinatory phenomena in the bereaved population.'

As experts point out, there isn’t a way to anticipate these events and so any attempt to capture it in a lab is pretty impossible.

There also hasn’t been any studies on the spiritualist medium population either for what it’s worth, which might be why many people are more inclined to believe that communicating with the dead is nothing more than psychological trickery.

But regardless of why some people sense the deceased, Peter Moseley, co-author on the Durham study, explains that furthering our understanding of these types of auditory and sensory experiences can be useful.

'Spiritualists tend to report unusual auditory experiences which are positive, start early in life and which they are often then able to control. Understanding how these develop is important because it could help us understand more about distressing or non-controllable experiences of hearing voices too,' he said in a statement.

Durham's researchers are continuing to look at clairaudience and mediumship, working with practitioners to gain a better understanding of what it is like to be on the receiving end of these experiences."

Misha Gajewski - Contributor
"I write about the brain and the body but sometimes other things."

Day 20, YEA!!! March 24, 2022

A Louisville cousin writes to share how her dad always fasted during Lent. He would eat one meal a day and lose 40 pounds each year only to gain back the weight and do it again the following Lent. I recall my parents doing something similar and my mother always hoping to keep the lost weight off but never succeeding. This got me to thinking about RITUALS.

I use the word "ritual" but I am really not quite sure what it means. Looking up the meaning it states it is..."a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order

Hum! Then I Googled..."is a Lenten Fast a ritual?" And apparently, yes it is...

"In its most original manifestation, the rituals of Lent were an act of physical discipline; fasting and forgoing luxuries, and an act of spiritual discipline; a daily devotional or the observation of the stages of the cross to bring the disciple close to God."

So let's role on this theme tomorrow and think about why ritual is important. Stay tuned!

Day 19 - March 23, 2022

Changing your perspective: the benefits

"During the Apollo missions, when NASA was working towards putting a man on the moon, the astronaut Bill Anders took one of the most iconic images ever to have been captured by a camera. During the Apollo 8 mission of 1968, the spacecraft orbited the moon several times. As the ship passed by the moon's horizon, he was the first man to see the Earth rise from the moon's perspective. His world famous 'Earthrise' shot, according to Grant, is so iconic because it shows humanity from a different viewpoint." (from article by Ed Gould)

Looking at a photo of earth from space is a nice way to begin the day from a new perspective. Especially with a war raging in the east. Just look at the beauty of the planet we live on. It is so hard to believe so much sadness and suffering is happening on our planet, yet at the same time so much good and happiness exists as well. This is our mission during Lent, to move the perspective off ourselves and to pray for world to be as beautiful and peaceful as it appears from a space perspective.


Earth as seen during the Apollo 17 mission

Day 18 - March 22, 2022

...And just WAITING for the half-way point! Since I am having such a struggle waiting I thought it might be a good topic to mediate on through the day. The older I get the more I seem to wait: at the doctor, the dentist, the hospital for a test or two, in the grocery store, in a restaurant. Now, for LENT to be at the half over, or finally at an end. What is it about waiting that is so annoying?

When I Googled the word "wait" all kinds of article popped up about waiting in line, and other some such stuff, but I know all about why this type of waiting is annoying. Just by chance I came across the question ... "What is the opposite of waiting?" The answer? Well, one answer is ... "to continue." So this makes sense.


I am annoyed with this waiting because I have vowed to FAST for forty days which stops me from continuing to eat freely all the things I love. Dah! So this fast is teaching me that I need to let go of the life I have been habitually living so that I can live the life that is "waiting for me."

Day 20 - March 21, 2022
Oops!!! I really Jumped the Gun...Really Day 17...

Almost...Finally! Halfway through Lent. Like usual I am doing pretty bad. I have been good during the weekdays but the weekends, beginning on Friday through Sunday, are always such a challenge. The habit of treating myself on the weekends is so ingrained I am wondering if I will ever change. Patience and persistence is the trick. I will just keep trying until the habit changes or I die trying! To get me back on task I have found "6 Tips To Get You Through The Mid-Lent Slump" by Ruth Kennedy. CLICK HERE to read the article. Below are the six items she suggests.

1. Practice Gratitude in the Moment

2. Ask Yourself What You Have Learnt So Far

3. Enter the Desert: Give Yourself a Retreat

4. Have a Movie Night

5. If You Didn’t Start Lent with a Plan, Make One Now

6. Finally, Just Walk Quietly and Humbly with Your God

Third Sunday in Lent.
Palm Sunday is the 6th Sunday, SO! We are halfway through the Sundays. Still the days are just creeping along. Hope you have a lovely one today. Looks to be a beautiful day here in Dallas. Sincerely, Julie

P.S. I am working on the mid-way message for our Lenten journey. One idea that I came across is to practice “gratitude in the moment” for all we have been given. I am going to try to do that today. I am going to be grateful for my lucky life! Stay tuned for more on this subject.(:

Day 16 - March 19, 2022

FREE DAY!!! Connie writes to remind us that the feast of Saint Joseph (a big-deal-day for Germans) is exempt from fasting. I looked it up and she is right.

"March 19 always falls during Lent, a season traditionally marked by fast and abstinence. Saint Joseph's day, however, is a solemnity and per the 1983 Code of Canon Law overrides obligations in the Catholic Church." (Google)

So in place of fasting today I have posted a prayer to Saint Joseph (right). I found this one that says it is over 1900 years old. I thought that to be very interesting. Anyway, have a great day. By the way...I had no idea Saint Joseph is the patron of departed souls. Also that his feast day is fast free! Learn something new every day.

st Joe

Day 15 - March 18, 2022

All I can think about this morning is how slowly the time is passing. We are not even at the half-way point in our fast. So I have finally done a little research to try to understand why time seems to be moving so slowly for me. I am not surprised to learn time is relative. Here are a few of the ideas I came across...

The French philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941) ... came up with an idea that can help us understand why time feels like it move slowly. The concept is called la durée. Basically he argues "that time has two faces. The first face of time is "objective time”: the time of watches, calendars, and train timetables. The second, la durée (“duration”), is “lived time”, the time of our inner subjective experience. This is time felt, lived, and acted."

Further, "Bergson observed that we mostly don’t pay attention to la durée. We don’t need to – “objective time” is far more useful. But we can get a glimpse of the difference between them when they come apart."

For example ... "The stretch of objective time between 3pm and 4pm is the same as that between 8pm and 9pm. But this does not have to be so with la durée. If the first interval is spent waiting at the dentist’s office and the second at a party, we know the first hour drags and the second just passes by too quickly.

This makes sense. When we are busy, doing something fun, times feels like it passes quickly. When the days are boring, dragging on, time feels as if it is moving slowly. The mystery to me is that looking back over objective time (hours, days, weeks, years), the time seems to have passed very quickly. In this moment, Lent seems like it will never be over. Is it the difficulty of the day-to-day fasting that slows the "duration" of the day? Golly, who knows? What I do know is this fast seems like it will never end! I am looking forward to eating a million calories of junk food when it is over. I guess anticipating the end of Lent is like waiting for Easter when we were young. My mother made me give up candy every year during Lent (even on Sundays). I recall feeling like Lent would never end! Does the act of denying ourselves the items we love to eat have something to do with how we feel about the passage of time.

Well, these are silly thoughts helping me pass the time. Now onto other boring stuff to get through this day. Be well.


Day 14 - March 17, 2022

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, Steve sent me this lovely thought (left). Getting an email from your husband, just sitting in the next room, is sweet. The thought is nice as well.

As nice as my life is I am still waking up each day hoping I will see positive news about the war in Ukraine. I continue to have faith that prayers and fasting will bring a resolution to the crisis. I know dwelling on the situation is counter productive but it is very difficult to enjoy my peaceful existence when so many people are suffering. Suffering is such a central theme in everyone's life. I have a difficult time understanding how there are those who can inflict suffering so easily on others.

"Being human means taking part in life, which entails suffering. The key is to learn to cultivate patience and presence with the experience, and in this way learn and receive the gifts that come from the suffering." (Google)

Day 13 - March 16, 2022

During Lent I always vow to try new things, to go out of my comfort zone. Yesterday I tried KELP NOODLES for the first time. They are only 5 calories a serving! I cooked them in chicken broth as directed. Even after simmering for an hour these noodles had the texture of plastic. I chewed and chewed and now I regret the adventure. After 24 hours my gut is still in protest! I am uncomfortable and I guess that's what Lent is all about. Or is it that change is simply uncomfortable? Hum?!


Day 12 - March 15, 2022

I am finding it difficult to watch the news about the war in Ukraine, knowing that I am safe and secure in my life. I believe in the power of prayer but it seems to be having little effect on this war. I am beginning to worry that the this will become a world war and that our young men (and woman) may be drawn into the conflict. Having a 15-year old grandson is a bit unsettling. Why do some suffer so much, while others are free? Our ancestors made a bet on America, we are so lucky they did for whatever reasons they may have had to emigrate.

Let's pray and continue our fast today for those who are suffering so they will at least have "calm" in their hearts.

Day 11- March 14, 2022

My granddaughter, Diana, is 8 years old today. She had her ears pierced for her birthday present. She wants to be like her big sister who is 11. While the days creep along during this fast, I think about how quickly my grandchildren are growing up. They strive to be grown up not realizing how much more fun it is to be a kid. Today I am praying that the world we leave out grandchildren will be at peace. Good luck today with fasting...I plan to drink lots of fluids to help me stay on the fast.



Day 9 - March 11, 2022


Day 10 - March 12, 2022

Today is the second Saturday in Lent and we are at the 1/4 mark of our fast. Just thirty days to go. I wonder why 40 days? I will research and get back with you.

Day 8 - March 10, 2022

These days creep along, OH! so slowly. Why is it that time seems to crawl while living it, then when looking back, it is "as if" the moments we just transgressed have simply melted away? A day takes forever and fifty years is gone in a flash. We live in time. This is the lesson of Lent. During Lent we take time to reflect on our earthly existence. How are we using our time? Fasting helps us in our reflections.

This evening my daughter and son-in-law are coming for dinner. I am going to really focus today on serving them a warm and wonderful meal. When we prepare food for others we are building a communal moment. We not only feed bodies but souls. Sharing a meal is our faith in action. Is this the real reason food is so central to our lives? This is a thought can be today's Lenten reflection.

Tonight's Menu: Stuffed pork chops, glazed carrots, coleslaw and apple crisp for dessert.

Day 7 - March 9, 2022

I read this today for a little encouragement to stay on my fast. Hope it will encourage you as well. Have a great day!

"Various research studies suggested that taking a break from eating can sometimes reduce risk factors for chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
1. A team of scientists from the University of Southern California found that a fasting diet could reverse diabetes and repair the damaged pancreas.
Eating and digesting food takes a toll on the body, and taking the odd break from that can be a good thing,
2. According to Professor Amanda Salis, who researches severe energy restriction at the University of Sydney, eating and digesting food can take a toll on the body, and taking the odd break from that can be a good thing.
3. Psychologist Meredith Fuller puts it this way: “Fasting can also help you reset your relationship with food.”
4. Many studies found that fasting could boost the production of a certain protein which is beneficial for brain function best known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF, which may also help reduce the risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.
5. During the Lent period, many people stay away from certain foods like meat and meat products, including beef, pork, chicken. Giving up or limiting meat intake may help to lower your risk of diseases, including cancer.
6. Also, a study, published April 9, 2012, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, by a team of Harvard researchers found that people who ate the more red meat tended to die younger and to die more often from cardiovascular disease and cancer. This means fasting can add years to your life, helping you live longer.
7. Fasting also aids in weight loss – that's because excessive fats stored around your organs can interfere with organ function, however, studies suggest that fasting may help you reach ketosis, the fat-burning state.
8. In a 2014 study, participants who alternated fast and feed days experienced a reduction in weight.
9. Fasting cleanses and detoxifies the body. Truth is, over time, your body heats up and then the immune system gets knocked down. But, fasting is a great way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew the body.
10. Fasting can also help slow down ageing process by producing more human growth hormone (HGH) – we tend to age faster when the body produces less HGH."

Turns out, there's a bigger reason for observing the Lent fast, alongside the spiritual benefits, you can also experience a wide range of health benefits from doing it.

Day 6 - March 8, 2022

The past few days have been cloudy and rainy. Today is clear, crisp and cold, with a beautiful sunrise making it difficult to be anything but cheerful. Despite all that is going on in the world, a beautiful sunrise lifts the spirits. Hope springs eternal. Our fast will end, let us pray that those who see no end to their suffering will have hope for better days. (Dallas sunrise photo, right, falls way short of the actual beauty!)


Day 5 - March 7, 2022

I am so distressed with the on-going war in Ukraine. So much needless suffering. My hope is that our prayers will work quickly. Offering up a little daily suffering is made easier if I keep the suffering of the people of Ukraine top-of-mind. My small feeling of hunger rally pales compared to their suffering. Not sure what I will eat today as I am trying not to think too much about food. Hope everyone will have a good day.

Ultimately, in the battle against lies and violence, truth and love have no other weapon than the witness of suffering.
- Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

FREE DAY! Frist Sunday in Lent - March 6, 2022.

Lent time for self-denial

Day 4 - March 5, 2022

Well, it is not getting any easier. Yesterday was particularly difficult . Why is it that I expect Friday to be a treat day? Likely a left-over habit from my working days when Friday after work became a kind of special time to relax with a drink and snacks. Today will also be difficult as it is Saturday and that's a treat day too, right? Remember to meditate and/or pray over these things. Be strong! Daily encouragement is on the left and a meal tip on the right...

Favorite Friday Meal - My mom always made this during Lent. Filling both physically and spiritually. CLICK HERE for recipe. Page down to "Potatoes & Eggs"


Day 3 - March 4, 2022

After just two days I am already feeling like I might crack. All I can think about is a McDonalds ice cream cone or a shake. What’s up with that anyway? Luckily, the fast started on a Wednesday so Sunday will come faster this week than over the next few weeks. I will likely indulge a little on Sunday just to stay on track. For me fasting the hardest of hardest things to do. I am meditating on why I hate the feeling of an empty stomach. Maybe it is the way we were raised…to always eat up! Who knows?

Yesterday, I sat at the hospital waiting for Steve to have a simple out-patient surgery (removing a path of cancer from the top of hi head). He has had this done many times but never from the top of his head. Anyway, he is required now to sit quietly for two weeks until it heals. God has given me a new mission to serve him. This will require great patience and humility. He has to wear a bag of ice on his head and I am having a hard time not laughing out loud as the ice hood makes him look like a old German grandma.

Fish Soup ala Ann

Ingredients: "simply - onion, carrot, potatoes and corn - water, white wine, clam juice and a few splashes of milk at the end - dill, parsley, salt and pepper - and cod!"

She shares the ingredients but is a little short on measurers and directions. You will need to use your creative mind to prepare a bowl or two. I will try to work out a recipe and share on the next DM POST. If you make in the meantime, share your recipe.

I love clam chowder. Another wonderful Lenten meal with clams is my mother's linguine with clam sauce. CLICK HERE for the recipe. If you make this recipe, please share a photo of your masterpiece.

Buon appetito!!!

Fish Soup ala Ann

Day 2 - March 3, 2022

Got ashes yesterday and while I am not a church goer these days, I continue to participate in the Catholic rituals I grew up with as a child. For whatever reason they bring great peace to my heart and soul. I have such deep memories of my parent’s and grandparent’s spirituality. They had faith running very deep. Last November when I spent time in the church in Gromignana I could just feel the presence of our ancestors pressing in on me. I so hoped they would speak to me, but I just felt a presence which was likely just an illusion in my mind. I often wonder if they exist somewhere in the nether world (heaven?). I hope I will see them and all my friends.

During the Ash Wednesday service, the priest shared some of Pope Francis’ Lenten fast ideas. Check them out below for a little dose of encouragement, I guess!!!

Lunch idea: oatmeal with an egg mixed in for a protein boast and a banana. Dinner idea: homemade minestrone soup (meatless) with saltine crackers and 1T of peanut butter. CLICK HERE for soup recipe.

Why Fast by Pope Francis

Day 1 - March 2, 2022

Today we begin an attempt to deny ourselves just a little bit. This year we will fast for world peace. Hopefully fast and praying will help. I am just so sad for all those who are suffering in both Ukraine and Russia. What a terrible state of affairs! God help us all.

The rules are simple, and they follow somewhat the old Catholic Churches teaching on fasting during the forty days of lent.

• The equivalent of two meals day M-S, Sundays are normal. Meatless Friday. You can either have two very small meals and one regular, or simply two regular meals. I find the latter easier as I tend to sleep late in the morning. I have a normal lunch around 11:30 and a simple dinner around six o’clock.

• No sweets or snacks during or between meals as focus should be on good, healthy foods.

• 15-minute stroll daily

• 15 minutes of meditation/prayer for world peace (can be done during stroll)

Encouragement & Tip

Today use your fifteen minutes of prayer/meditation to read about the patron saint of peace, Saint Francis Assisi.
CLICK HERE to read about his life and to receive inspiration from his ways. Below I have also included the prayer for peace that could be said daily as part of the 15 minutes of prayer/meditation.